Thursday, 16 November 2017

Beach ED Rules

1. Swim between the red and yellow flags because the lifeguards will help you. Do not go out of the red and yellow.

2.Whenever you are at the beach,river or swimming pool, make sure you have an adult watching over you.                                                                                                                                                            
3. If you listen to the lifeguards .

4. When you you head into the water, you need to make sure that you have someone with you so you can help each other stay in the surf.

5. if you are at a beach without surf lifeguards and you think the water is not safe to go in,stay out.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


                                           This is my PBL/Wasp

                                         How to make a wasp

                                         1 You will need paper paint, cardboard, pipe cleaners and glue gun.

                                         2  You need to scrunch your paper for your head, abdomen and thorax and
                                              tape it together

                                         3  Then paper mache it, wait until dries and then paint it

                                          4 lastly I glued the wings on and used glue for the eyes




Monday, 3 April 2017


My Special place By Harlem

                                 My Special Place by Harlem
2.water games
3. Kai   
4. Rugby

   My  whole family and I  went to Havelock pools. My cousins, Api, Tahu, Tipene, Rangi, my aunties and my mum ,  dad and my brother were with me.
“Yay” I said.
When we got to the pools  I ran as fast as I could to  the deep pools.  I went to do a bomb and I landed on a big fat  whale.
I said to my cousins “Do you what to play tag?”
“Yes” said my cousin.
“Ok I’m counting to  20 seconds. Ready or not here I come“I’m going to tag you.”
I jumped in the little pool to tag Api but I missed him.
“You didn't get me. Haha, go get Willam not me.” he said

It is kai time . I'm so hungry. KFC Yes my favorite. I sat down and ate 3 chickens “Yum” When I finished the 3 chickens, I ate all of the chips. I  sat on the ground for 5 minutes.                              

When we finished kai we hopped into the freezing cold pool.   It felt like sitting in a pile of ice! I love it being so cold because it felt like I had a brain freeze. Well it was near 6 o'clock we were going to play Rugby.
“Who wants to play Rugby?” I said

Havelock North Pools is my special place

Friday, 10 March 2017

My Best Memory

MY best memory was going to Rotorua. When we got there we went straight to bed because  it was 3 in the morning. When it was 8pm we went to go to Gengees .Yum  pineapples !  

On the next day, at 5pm we went to the luge and we went straight to the top of the hill.  “Wweee” I was going so fast down the big hill . “Nnoo don't crash into me william.” Dad went to push me down to go faster. “ Nooo  there is a wooden edgings.” So I did a big drift. “Ya lets go who is going to win . So when we went near two ways me and my auntie went to the right but my brother went to crash into the wooded edgings. When he crashed we stopped for William because that wouldn't be fair for him having the race with me. Who is going to “WIN” who is going to “WIN” me “YES”  “I WILLWIN” first one up there is the “WINNER”  Noo you are going to win because you are in front of me. You need to hop on first so you can win who is going to win auntie. Can I go in front of you? “Yes yay.”
I won the race.